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Unlock the business benefits of the circular economy today! Still searching for a winning strategy?


Ethica's unique Circular Business Sprint approach

Circular Business Sprint is a combination of concrete development work, learning, goal setting, brainstorming, and discussion. With the Circular Business Sprint, you'll gain a clear understanding of how market changes will impact your business, identify the most critical opportunities, and develop strategies to secure your company's competitive advantage in the future. 


Strategic leadership

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“Collaboration with Ethica opened up the circular horizon for us. Their detailed expertise enabled us to explore and define our circular approach at strategic and solution level. They also challenged us to reach an even higher ambition level!”

Lars Hellström, Head of Strategy & Business Development

What is it all about? 

Circular economy is set to become the only economy! Do you need help clarifying your circular economy strategy, developing a new business model, or gaining greater customer understanding? Where is the "sweet spot" for circular economy innovation? 

The transition to circular economy presents numerous opportunities and approaches, but successfully navigating this transition can be challenging." Our Circular Business Sprint offers a tailored approach to help you unlock the full potential of the circular economy. With our proven methodology, you'll develop a winning strategy to drive competitive advantage in the future. 

Who benefits from the sprint? 

Circular Business Sprint is an excellent fit for board members, executive teams, business unit leaders, and anyone who is responsible for setting the company's strategic direction and ensuring that the company is among the winners of the biggest market disruption of our time. 

"Winners in the market disruption are those companies whose leadership has embraced circular economy as a strategic approach and enabler of sustainable growth."  

Anne Raudaskoski, Head of Consulting & Co-Founder


Fast Track to

a Circular Economy 

Our programme includes

  • 1-2-1 -discussions with your management team to ensure alignment with your business goals and objectives 

  • A 3.5 h facilitated workshop to help you gain a comprehensive and shared understanding of the circular economy 

Outcomes & outputs

  • A clear vision of how circular economy principles can drive your company's growth, enable sustainable practices, and increase your competitive edge 

  • Identification of priority areas for implementation 

  • A summary of key insights and recommendations for further action 



Circular economy as a strategic advantage for your company!  

The programme includes

  • Light analysis of the current state 

  • 1-2-1 -preliminary discussions with management 

  • 2 X 3.5 h facilitated workshops 


Outcomes & outputs


  • A comprehensive and shared understanding of the circular economy 

  • What the circular economy represents for a company as a genuine growth strategy, enabler of sustainable growth, and a factor for competitiveness 

  • A clarified circular economy vision to steer actions, and knowledge of which areas to prioritise and what needs to occur concretely in the company 

  • Insight into how to develop your own strategy and R&D work in alignment with circular economy principles in the future 

  • A document that supports strategy work and provides recommendations for future action



The programme includes

  • Current state analysis 

  • 1-2-1 -preliminary discussions with management 

  • A customised number of facilitated workshops based on the scope of the project

  • Expert work 


Outcomes & outputs


  • A comprehensive and shared understanding of the circular economy 

  • What the circular economy means for our company as a genuine growth strategy, enabler of sustainable growth and a competitiveness factor 

  • A clarified circular economy vision and selected priority areas with objectives 

  • Identified circular economy-based product/ service concept ideas and a plan for moving these ideas forward, such as developing circular design guidelines 

  • Final output: Circular economy strategy/ roadmap 


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Paula Fontell

CEO, Founder

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Anne Raudaskoski

Head of Consulting, Co-Founder

050 341 0881

Ville Grönlund

Circular Business & Design

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